The Live Well Travel Smarter Approach


Let’s be brutally honest for a moment: traveling the world while maintaining a full-time income sounds like a lot of work.  Probably sounds expensive, too.  But fortunately that’s not the case at all!

As a passionate traveler and online marketer, I have discovered a few things that allow me to live out my dream lifestyle.  Yes, travel itself is expensive with the cost of flights, hotels, ground transportation, food, drinks, and activities, but by working online and learning how to use credit cards the right way, I am able to support myself without ever having to worry about money.

The rewards points & miles from credit cards can be extremely valuable, often times taking the cost of my $2,000 – $10,000 trips down to $200 – $1,000 each.  And contrary to what so many of us think, having a variety of credit cards does not hurt your credit score.  In fact, my score often increases with each new card I get.  The more you follow along my journeys and read my posts (especially the upcoming one about how credit scores are actually calculated – probably coming Jan. 2018), you’ll see why having several of the right cards for you can improve your score and allow you to travel at minimal cost.

Add online marketing to the equation, which I use as a way to generate an income remotely, and you have the perfect recipe of a stable cash flow with a small cost of travel.

Best of all, I LOVE sharing how I do all this with other people, especially when it ends up changing their lives for the better.

Until now, most of my posts have just focused on the credit card rewards side, but I have a bunch of new content coming soon that will shed light on how anyone can build an online business that can provide a new source of income (and even allow you to quit the 9-5 job if you like) 🙂

It’s my way of adding some extra “feel good” to life, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.